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Fantastical adventures


 Life Without Life

England's Middle Ages - Feudalism, lords, peasantry, betrothal, and deception.  Come inside a world where the status of your class rules your destiny. (© Kimberly Belfer 1995-1998)

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Travel back in time to the Scottish Highlands where a fiery and stubborn Scottish maiden meets her match against a sorceress, black magic, sadness and love. (© Kimberly Belfer 1998)

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 Gemstones of Magic

The sequel to Scarlet.  The amulet she possesses holds imaginable power, if it remains in the right hands.  Follow Scarlet's struggle as she tries to figure out the mystery of her unique charm and keep it from falling into the hands of a powerful sorceress. (© Kimberly Belfer 1998-1999)

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 A Norseman's Legend
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How far would you go to become a Viking warrior... if you were a girl?  Katerina longs to become a Viking warrior even when the law says she cannot, so she devises a plan that leads her on a path to becoming the most skillful and legendary warrior in all of Scandanavia.   (© Kimberly Belfer 2002)

Love's Dark Embrace
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Book 1 - Breath of the Immortal

In a time when life seemed so simple and fancy-free, a gypsy clan relished in solitude and the quiet of the countryside. But when a mysterious creature descended upon the neighboring French village, they were catapulted into chaos. Join them in this dark adventurous tale of lies, lust, manipulation, and deceit. (© Kimberly Belfer 2007)

Book 2 - Immortal Betrayed

In this exciting sequel to Breath of the Immortal, come follow our band of gypsies as they continue to battle sorcery, mysterious creatures, and each other. Find out if love holds more power than betrayal and whether or not that love can keep them alive. (© Kimberly Belfer 2008)

Egyptian Rose
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Throughout Egypt's history, there were great rulers and great expansion of the empire. At a time before King Tut, Queen Nefertiti, known as the most beautiful queen of Egypt, ruled with her King and six daughters. This is a tale of one of those daughters and how her destiny helped shape and change the course of Egyptian history forever. (© Kimberly Belfer 2008)

A Civil Affair
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The American Civil War has always been about survival and brother vs. brother. In this epic tale, two star-crossed lovers from Kentucky learn first-hand what a war of economic proportions truly means. Follow their paths as the war begins to take shape and their families are torn between keeping with Southern traditions and giving everything up for the sake of saving the Union. (© Kimberly Belfer 2009)

Please, Speak Easy
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At the turn of the century, women had their place in society. It is one woman's belief that she can prove society wrong by becoming one of the first entrepreneurs, pioneering the way for women all across the country. During a time when society was changing so rapidly, liquor was banned, gangsters ruled the streets, and women hiked up their skirts in defiance of their old ways. (© Kimberly Belfer 2012)

Blackthorn and Ivy: Trials by Fire
In final stages of editing; projected publish date October 2018

When Veronica Serfling first moved to Lower Manhattan five years ago from her small country town of Danvers, MA, it was a whole new world. Here, there were no other witches, no one else to commune with. She kept to herself and celebrated each Pagan holiday in her own solitary way. In an instant, her life was turned upside-down as visions connected her both spiritually and ancestrally to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  (© Kimberly Belfer 2018)

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