Life Without Life


"When the sun rises early in the morn, and the first light touches the horizons, you hear the sweet melody of the singing bluejays. As the sun reaches the canopy of the trees, flowers begin to open their petals and show their elegant colors. The snow has withered its way into the back of our minds, and warm weather comes again."

To my eldest daughter, with love, Mother

For many days after all Josette’s burial, the only item Matthew persists to read is this-- one letter from a mother to her daughter, advising her that life does continue and that there is still hope left in a world filled with evil and chaos. He places this paper next to one of his own, written as follows:

"In a world of chaos and evil, there is still hope. Life does not always satisfy our greatest expectations. Life is not a fairy tale and occasionally desires and aspirations do not become real.

"Society and fate have more control upon our lives than we truly want to believe. The question that now arises is this: Are we living a life without really living a life? For the life that we are living is controlled by society and fate alone."



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